Terms & Conditions

We accept payment by Cash, Card & some Smart Phone apps.

Our drivers carry some change but please try and have the right money available, thank you.

  • You must be over the age of 18 to purchase alcohol.

  • If paying by card photographic ID maybe required upon delivery.

  • We operate a “Challenge 25” policy whereby an accepted form of photographic identification shall be requested before any alcohol is delivered to any person who appears to be under 25 years of age.

  • We cannot make alcohol delivery without full postal address and contact telephone number. Goods will only be delivered to the address provided, and not what would be regarded as a ‘Public Place’. (eg. A Leisure Park, or a Street or Road location not directly outside the given address).

  • Minimum order value for free delivery in Exeter is £30.00 otherwise an additional delivery charge of upto £5.00 will be incurred. Deliveries that are long distance, out of Exeter or hard to get to/find & are perhaps time demanding due to diversions etc will usually incur a delivery fee,  confirmed at time of order.

  • Orders will usually be dispatched a.s.a.p. and in the order they are received.  However, we will endeavour to get your order to you as close as to the estimated time given. Sometimes it maybe earlier as we may have a driver going past your address on the way to another delivery across town.  We do our best to meet your needs but if you are not going to be home for a period of time please inform us at time of ordering so we can be efficient as possible.

  • Cancellations are of course permitted. Just please let us know before the driver arrives if possible.  If we have persistent cancellations or ‘no shows’ from an address or customer we may refuse further orders.

  • Our drivers reserve the right to refuse delivery should they believe you are either under age,  intoxicated,  or physically/verbally abusive, also if there is likelihood of a social disturbance.

  • If drivers believe the customer is purchasing alcohol for a minor the delivery will be refused.

  • Details of threatening or physically abusive customers will be passed onto the police and you and your address will no longer be eligible for delivery.

  • Cheques are not acceptable as a form of payment.

  • Prices and special offers are subject to change and/or withdrawal at any time without notice. Alternative product items will be offered for out of stock items at time of ordering.

  • You are able to adjust or amend your order at any time. For example if you on delivery you need to change the amount of an item ordered, the driver can assist with this, if you need to add or change an item on the order it will be dependent on what spare stock the driver has on board or alternatively you will have to call the office to place another order.

  • The company reserves the right to refuse sale at anytime.

  • The estimated delivery times may vary during peak times due to customers not answering phones or trying to sort payment, which in turn causes delays. Unfortunately we cannot do a great deal regarding this except if the delay is excessive we will tell the driver to move on to the next delivery.

  • To reduce delivery times please ensure your phone is on and the driver can contact you easily, also have payment ready if possible. Thank you.

  • We do not knock on doors after 10pm unless we are asked to do so, therefore it is essential you keep an eye on your phone. The driver will try a few times then contact the office to confirm the number is correct. The office may then also try to contact you. If no contact is made the driver will record the delivery as a ‘No Show’ & move on.

  • Please drink responsibly.

  • If a customer wishes to NOT be served in the future, regardless of what is said at time of trying to place an order, then please email us with your details and we will refuse orders. This will continue until we are notified in writing/email and we are satisfied it is appropriate to resume taking orders again after 24 hours.

  • The images and summary details have been prepared for illustration and information purposes only. On occasion the actual product may differ from that shown.