About Us

Who Are We? What Do We Do?

Here’s some details about Party Cellar.  We are a family run business in Exeter founded over 10 years.  Despite lockdowns, and other changes affecting supply chains etc, we are still going strong.  We are looking forward to providing our original and unique services to Exeter and beyond for years to come.

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A Little Insight About Party Cellar

We are Exeter’s original and unique late night Alcohol delivery service. We caused some controversy on it’s final approval, which had taken several years due to a variety of opposing factors. 

It seems a fuss about nothing now you can order on-line through different services of varying commitment to the Licencing Objectives.  We are aware and understand there is often misuse of services by under aged patrons.  We originally, and still do, only take payment on delivery to ensure it is being delivered to an adult. There are some exceptions to this form of payment, at our discretion for, regular customers whom we have ID’d & approved previously. They can pre-order and pay over the phone.  However, the driver will still only deliver to an adult and ID is checked if necessary.

In over 10 years we’ve never had any issues. We maintain this due diligence at all times and have a duty of care to our customers and their neighbours.  If we feel there is an issue whether behavioural or noise related we will either not deliver or discuss the situation with our customers to see if the situation is being resolved. We may return later if appropriate. We have the complete right to not deliver if we choose. Check our Terms & Conditions for more information.

We are here to provide a personal service and endeavour to ensure our prices are competitive for the service we offer.  We cannot compete with the supermarkets who have loss leader specials and/or are selling below our wholesale cost prices. However, we should be cheaper than getting a taxi to a late night store, if one is open, and definitely cheaper than the local 24 hour garage… and we deliver!!

Orders and Deliveries

Use the Product Catalogue to get an idea of what we sell and give us a call or message us on social media to check stock, delivery times etc. Wherever possible we will mix and match items to suit your needs with current stock availability.  We will also get your delivery to you as fast as we can.  Depending on where you are we may have a driver literally about to go past your door.  We will juggle orders to be as efficient as possible for as many people as possible.  If your order is out of town or hard to find we will usually over estimate the time it will take…. just in case.  If there are any changes or delays we will contact you with an update.

Please remember one thing about Party Cellar, we are a LOCAL company and not a ‘chain’ jumping on the band wagon. We support other local businesses also wherever we can. Don’t forget to check our Terms and Conditions.

Andrew Pillinger-Brown
Proprietor & Licensee