the Party Cellar
Its never to late to pull
the local, late night drink delivery service

Fast action phone line 01392 496 559

Having a beer

01392 496559

It’s unique in Exeter, the Party Cellar service is here to let you ‘party on’.  Whether you're at home having a few quiet beers, a few friends around or having a BBQ, if you find your running low on your favourite tipple and the local shop has closed we can help! If you've had a night out and want to continue putting the world to rights in the comfort of your own home, we can deliver! We offer a full range of wine, beers, spirits, tobacco etc, even ice and munchies. Please note, orders over £30.00 have free delivery, under this incurs a delivery charge. Up to £5.00 in Exeter, further afield please check when ordering.

01392 496559

Opening hours:
Mon - 8pm - 3am
Tue - Closed
Weds -  
8pm - 3am
Thurs - 
8pm - 3am
Fri - Sat  - 
8pm - 4am
Sun - 
8pm - 3am


*Please note we may extend hours if busy
but we cannot accept orders past 4am.
This is a condition of our licence so please
do not be offended if we have to refuse your order.


Wine Any 3 bottles for 21.00 +del

Blossom Hill/Echo Falls Wines

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